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About Us

TrafficDNA is a fast-growing online marketing company that operates as a full-service advertising agency for its clients. Constantly striving for excellence and following the latest marketing trends, we offer a wide variety of innovative advertising solutions and help our partners build their online marketing campaigns with maximum efficiency.

TDNA is a global provider of online video advertising services, delivering compelling results through propriety, patent technology that ensures maximum value for advertising dollars and enhanced audience engagement.

We are an advanced advertising company that specializes in programmatic video, trading desk services, and development solutions for Web, mobile (mainly iOS and Android), software and platforms for managing advertising services. We strive to establish a better tomorrow and provide organizations with innovative technologies, cultivate efficient guidance, transform the crusted corporate character, ceaselessly render software of greater quality, and create extraordinary products.

Experience combined with versatility

We are Experts in traffic management, analytics, monetization and product promotion on web, mobile and social platforms. Our extensive experience in development and marketing allows us to create strategies that can guarantee any
project we take on will achieve notoriety and success. We constantly innovate and generate new ideas, making our projects profitable for our partners and competitive in the market.

TrafficDNA’s specialists launch, manage campaigns, and develop viable web- and mobile-ready products for a wide variety of industries all over the world.

Our Mission

TrafficDNA’s mission is to help our partners develop and market their projects, fully satisfy their traffic needs, and give them the edge over competitors.

We strive to maintain successful and trustworthy relationships with our clients. Creativity, innovation, and consistency is what lets our full-service performance-based advertising RTB platform minimize risks and achieve greater
return of investment.




We are a team of Google Adwords certified experts with over 5 years of remarketing experience. We have created thousands of successful remarketing campaigns that allow to reconnect with the visitors of your website and to market directly to interested clients.

Web & Mobile Development

Our suite of development solutions embraces applications for Android and iOS. Team expertise in front-end and back-end merged with creative designs and styling allows us to deliver competitive assets for businesses of any scale. We aim to enflesh every project to the extent it accurately illustrates brand identity and generates sky-high returns. Human-centered product service is a centerpiece. We deliver robust software and advance advertising platforms that aid our clients business processes to flawlessly operate and gain positive user experience.

Smart video advertising

  • TDNA manages a bridging role between publishers and advertisers. Our innovative private ad exchanges are designed to help monetize your inventories.
  • Our primary focus is to build lasting and fruitful cooperation with our publishers and assist with achieving high CPM rates.
  • Our leadership’s primary target is to modernize the video advertising niche through the implementation of innovative solutions and their adaptation to market realities.

High-Impact Interactive Ads

Providing support for all ad formats available on market today we help you to greatly increase the reach of target audience. Interactive personalized creatives delivered within our unified platform will significantly increase your creative conversion rate and bring you higher click-through rate.

Big Data Management

Our platform supports complete list of mobile ad formats including plain text, text with images, and rich media. Making your creative adapt to the portable devices we help you to significantly increase the relevance of targeted advertising to mobile users. Delivering the right advertising content to the right customer at the right time you will significantly maximize your revenue.

Performance Optimization

On the fast growing market of online advertising, minimizing risks is the top priority for any company. Pay only for relevant traffic on CPL or CPS models and we’ll match you up with premium publishers to help you achieve maximum efficiency for your marketing campaign.

Real-Time Bidding Platform

Our RTB platform was created based on the experience of industry-leading DSP’s and ad exchanges. You can be sure that your ads will be properly formatted, verified and go live on time, every time and on every device. We can take care of your RTB campaigns while you focus on achieving your strategic goals.

Global Reach

We have access to information from all leading display, video, social and mobile marketplaces that enables precise media buying from all possible traffic sources directly and on any model available. Top affiliates make part of our team which guarantees global reach and maximum performance efficiency.

Brand safe environment

Our goal is to maximize your revenue by bringing new ideas to your advertising campaigns and product development. We integrate all media channels to analyse and build up the audience experience of your brand. A set of smart brand safety tools guarantee the protection of your brand online.


TrafficDNA operates in a number of verticals and niches, particularly Gaming, Travel, E-commerce, Social Networking, Social and Mobile Apps, Health, Financial. The verticals we work with are chosen according to market trends and our partners’ needs and demands. We currently offer CPA promotion in a growing number of web, social and mobile offers, as well as development solutions in over 15 verticals.


At TrafficDNA, we understand that in order to successfully promote your brand, deeply engage with your end users and reach your objectives, a versatile media solution is needed. Our mixture of experienced professionals, latest technology, premium media and top affiliates guarantee the highest level of response.

These are several reasons why being our partner leads to success:

  • Our experts in analytics will minimize your risks and maximize your ROI
  • Our team is Google certified and has over 5 years of retargeting experience
  • A number of trusted affiliates and internal media buying teams ensure the traffic quality
  • We work on all platforms (web/mobile and social) and operate on any model – CPM, CPC, CPA or revenue share
  • Our unified self-served platform integrated with high-level performance DSP provides transparent control over all your online advertising campaigns
  • Our highly qualified R’&’D team will bring your online advertising to the whole new level through innovation and current scientific methods

We do not just buy media but collaborate with our customers from the very creation of the campaign concept all the way to its execution and performance analysis. TrafficDNA is a full service performance-based marketing agency that covers all your needs and goes far beyond that.

Video Advertisers

Ad - tech partners


Working with TrafficDNA, you can maximize your revenue the way you never could before. If you are a webmaster and own a web site or have your own application and are looking for a more efficient way to monetize your product, TrafficDNA is your ultimate solution.


  • Maximize your revenue with our top advertisers through the complete list of solutions to monetize traffic
  • You will get an opportunity to exchange banners with other developers and expand your audience
  • With us, you can work on all possible payment models and in any niche/vertical
  • Your web sites are always protected from fraudulent activity or malware
  • You will receive full guidance and 24/7 support from a dedicated manager with expertise in your particular field
  • We will provide you with an easy to install and handle Mobile SDK
  • Our analytics team will guarantee the success and positive ROI of your marketing campaign

TrafficDNA is a unique full-service portal that grants access to all the necessary tools and provides full support on every stage of your advertising campaign. We posses the expertise to help you build your marketing strategy most efficiently and maximize your revenue from online advertising.


If your company is not duly represented on the Internet, chances are it does not exist.

This simple phrase is clear evidence of voguish business trends. A well-made website, to say the least, guarantees sales growth. Meanwhile, it is the face of your brand, intended to give clients the essential information about their potential cooperator.

Creating an entry-level website is quick and easy. The challenge, however, is doing it right. One should take into account all the tiny details to get to the top of search engine results and leverage profits.

The TrafficDNA agency experts will help you design and deploy an Internet-ready website that meets all the requirements of today’s industry trends and concepts. Our agency also focuses on the full-cycle development of mobile apps for iOS and Android – from server-side to prototype and their further placement in the Play Market or App Store. To gain success there, we consider interface an essential patching point for consumers to make them interact with web or mobile apps. We also understand that a good marketing campaign is a key component of a headway. That is why we offer tremendous advertising solutions to our clients. With us, you can spiff up what matters most to your business and win big.

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